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Apr 22nd, 2024

Sick of Remixes // Bliss


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Mar 29th, 2024

Come with Us (Asgard Remix) // Ace Ventura & Zen Mechanics


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Feb 23rd, 2024

Psy-Nation Radio 057 - By Ace Ventura & Liquid Soul // Various Artists


Feb 16th, 2024

Ouroboros - Past // Captain Hook


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Feb 15th, 2024

Psy-Nation Radio 056 - By Ace Ventura & Liquid Soul // Various Artists


Feb 09th, 2024

Psy-Nation Radio 055 - By Ace Ventura & Liquid Soul // Various Artists


Sep 08th, 2023

Infinite One // Ace Ventura & Burn In Noise


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Sep 04th, 2023

Set: 39 // Various Artists


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Apr 07th, 2023

Our Moment (Samra Remix) // Ace Ventura & LOUD


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Nov 25th, 2022

Psychedelic Selections // Various Artists


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Oct 07th, 2022

Set: 38 // Various Artists


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Sep 26th, 2022

Psy-Nation Radio 053 - By Ace Ventura & Liquid Soul // Various Artists


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A true force in the Psytrance world and beyond it, Yoni Oshrat, better known as Ace Ventura, isn't just a DJ and producer - he's an experience. For over two decades, his infectious energy has ignited dance floors worldwide. From intimate clubs to headlining major festivals, Ace Ventura has captivated audiences with his signature style. His music is characterised by a fusion of hard, pumping dancefloor oriented themes and deeper, groovier influences, always immersed in psychedelia.

As a DJ his diverse musical tastes and vast musical knowledge enables him to create unique sonic experiences. In times when lineups consist mostly of short producer sets, Yoni pushes the envelope to play long sets that tell a real story, going back to the origins of DJ culture.

His passion for psytrance extends far beyond music. Alongside Liquid Soul, he co-founded Psy-Nation, a global movement encompassing a monthly radio show/podcast and a travelling party line. This dedication to the genre fosters community and discovery for psytrance enthusiasts everywhere.

While psytrance is his domain, Ace Ventura's musical curiosity extends to downtempo and dub universes. This deep appreciation for diverse electronic styles adds another layer to his artistry, evident in his acclaimed "Ace Ventura in Dub" sets.

Beyond his solo ventures, Yoni also collaborates on successful projects like Alpha Portal (with Astrix), Alien Art (with Captain Hook), Liquid Ace (with Liquid Soul), and Acid Punks (with Outsiders), each project offering a different sound adventure.










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